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  • If you did not pass the CFA level 2 exam?

    The feeling of worthless, that you can not make it will destroy your day. I had been there once before. After I got the result and got the “ We are so sorry ….” email, looked at half of my friends who were celebrating for the result, and other half remained silence …. But I […]

  • What to expect about the result?

    June 2015 exam pass rates Level I: 42% Level II: 46% Level III: 53% Results for Level I and II candidates are available within 60 days of the exam date. Results for level III are available within 90 days of the exam date. Your exam result indicates whether your performance on the exam met the […]

  • CFA Exam Level 2 Weights

    Topic Area Level II Ethical and Professional Standards 10-15% Quantitative Methods 5-10% Economics 5-10% Financial Reporting and Analysis 15-20% Corporate Finance 5-15% Equity Investments 15-25% Fixed Income 10-20% Derivatives 5-15% Alternative Investments 5-10% Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning 5-10% Total 100%

  • Create a studying group

    You should create a studying group. They will help you get through the exam and keep you on track, if you felt back, they will remind you. You group will help you get through all those difficult readings what you can not understanding clearly ( surely it will happen). It also helps you to know […]