So you already decided to take the CFA Level I Exam???

Level 1 Time allocation. PNG

Allocate more time for preparation.

I planned about 6 months for each level of CFA exam. And after all, I always thought that I should have allocated at least eight (or even ten) months, including solving practice questions. So if you get started for the CFA, , eight months or more than eight months would be somehow a better plan.

Take notes, flash card and practice on the way.

Always take notes when you go through the materials. It will slow down my process even more but was extremely useful in the review phase.

Solve all original practice questions in the CFA books.

You should spend much more time on those practice questions and my question-answer notes, as well as the exam questions. Revise and make a note of the questions that you answered incorrectly in your question log, as well as your percentage score for the reading’s end of chapter questions.

Without constant refreshers, the passage of time naturally chips away at our memories regardless of how well we learned a concept. So how do you keep the topics you studied three months ago fresh in your mind? So create flashcards with each of the LOS (Learning Outcome Statements) in the reading. Create separate flashcards for any additional formulas, concepts and definitions that you come across.

Set goals to study a specific number of topics a day.

Making a consistent review routine will help enhance your memory. There are a total of 18 sections and 61 readings. Set a goal and stick to it. Even reviewing two readings a day will help keep your understanding fresh.

Five minutes seems like just a small number? But commit these minutes to reviewing a study. You’d be surprised how much time you spend on your phone and how much use you can get by turning this into study time.