Why CFA?

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CFA program would help you get the knowledge needed in finance field.

– Portfolio Manager (22%)
– Research Analyst (15%)
– Risk Manager (5%)
– Consultant (6%)
– Corporate Finance Analyst (5%)
– Financial Advisor/Relationship Manager (10%)
– …
For people who are not working in finance field, accountants and attorneys also pursued CFA program to get the complementary qualifications and broaden professional expertise.

For students, CFA program is easier to follow when you have enough time to understand all the curriculum, finish all the home work, exercise, mocks….

CFA program is affordable. The total cost of a CFA charter is about from $2,500 to $5,000. It is affordable and pretty cheap compare to other programs.

The CFA exam is tough to pass. Really tough. But it also means that if you succeed in obtaining the charter, you can be assured of a great, solid grounding in financial knowledge and expertise.

The syllabus is also updated continually to account for recent innovations and events, so you’ll always be learning from the most recent experiences and discussions among industry experts.

The CFA charter is one of the most recognized professional qualifications in finance in the world. The great thing about global recognition is that the CFA charterholder becomes more easily transferable across markets.