If you did not pass the CFA level 2 exam?


The feeling of worthless, that you can not make it will destroy your day. I had been there once before. After I got the result and got the “ We are so sorry ….” email, looked at half of my friends who were celebrating for the result, and other half remained silence …. But I hope you still know that that is not the end of the world since your family, your friends … they are still looking at you with the worried eyes.

The time when I falled on my knees, I just looked at those people who worried about me, they love me a lot….and know that I have to stand back on my feet and fight again. Because I need to be there to motivate them! 
No more time to cry!

After all, if you ask me that what the the best thing I got for 3 levels of CFA, I would tell you that, it is not the high salary job, it is not the reputations, also not any respect from others.

The best thing I got for 3 levels of CFA that I did fight myself each and every single day, fighting myself to pass the exam, and fighting to make the BEST VERSION of me!

Each and every single day through 3 years, that was the non_stop battle for me to discipline, to improve myself step by step, even the baby steps…to make the person I am now.

Even when you did not pass the exam, please don’t even have any doubt about your ability. You are already great! You are brave enough to take the exam, you are brave enough to fight yourself to get the person who you are now. And it already took the long road for you to get here!

Success is the journey, not the destination! Be proud of your effort! You are great already!